Job Openings

Dzine Media is always eager to take on board talented aspirants. Apart from lucrative salaries and exclusive benefits, you get an opportunity to further polish and enhance your skills. All our vacant positions are published on credible job portals.

100+ Creative People

What Makes Us Different?

Dzine Media is a rapidly growing IT company that emphasizes employees' satisfaction and absolute peace of mind. In addition to market-competitive salaries, you enjoy a number of additional perks like food, insurance, medical, and lots more. Moreover, you get exposure to the most advanced technologies & happenings of the IT industry, so you keep growing and learning simultaneously.

  • Life insurance
  • Medical facility
  • Daily food
  • Unlimited beverages

Why Join Us!

Competitive Salaries

At Dzine Media, you get market-oriented packages that keep up the morale and an urge to keep growing

Exclusive Amenities

In addition to pay packages, you get a number of additional benefits like medical, insurance, food, beverages, etc.

Constant Learning

We work on most advanced and diverse IT mechanisms, employees stay abreast of global IT happenings and keep learning

Personal Grooming

We ensure working in an ideal workplace environment that builds up your persona as a polished and groomed professional

Recreational Activities

Along with your physical health, Dzine Media also cares for your psychological well being with its ever new recreational engagements

Peace of Mind

We treat you as human beings, not machines. Dzine Media ensures peace of mind and job security for good performers.