A Smart, Feature Rich, Highly Compatible POS

Our intelligent full option point of sale is highly compatible with your Shopify store. Now you can manage your retail store from anywhere, and on any device on the go with ultimate insights into holistic picture, and scalability of your business.

A Powerful POS for Growing

Our smart and super efficient POS helps you explore highly desired features that enable you to process and monitor your sales, maintain inventory, prepare reports, and puts you in full control of business operations for better and timely decision making.

  • Affordable
  • Compatible
  • Customizable
  • Technical support

Link with Your Shopify

Integrate your Shopify with our compatible POS & sell more

Create and Edit Orders

You can create and edit new orders with our POS

Print Bills

Barcode generation and printing with it is super easy

Generate Reports

Generate diverse sales & performance reports for a holistic view

Features of Our Shopify Compatible POS

Sync Inventory

Sync Inventory
with Shopify

 Generate Barcode

Scan & Generate

Customers Management


SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing

Sync Inventory with Shopify

When it comes to swift and accurate inventory management, our intelligent POS simply has no match. You can synchronize your entire inventory with this smart POS and can manage all your inventory related matters with only a few clicks. All your physical and online store inventory is synced and managed simultaneously.


Scan & Generate Barcodes

Businesses with both online and offline stores are quite a pain to manage. Synchronizing inventory between both sales channels can be pretty confusing and hard. With our handy solution, you can scan and generate unique Bar Code for each of your product to prevent the mess. This helps you keep a live track of your inventory and save time.

Customer Management

With this holistic solution, you can maintain a reliable long-term record of your customers, their preferences, different statistics, purchase history etc. All these statistics help you design your sales strategy and plan your future steps accordingly. You get to offer a way more personalized treatment to each of your customer that helps you win over his trust and association with your brand.


SMS Marketing (Optional)

SMS marketing was never out of fashion no matter what. On each sale and visit of your random customer, you collect their personal mobile numbers and with the help of SMS marketing module, you can do perfect SMS marketing of your new products, news you want to break, discounts, stock updates and a lot more.