Privacy Policy Dzine Media

Dzine Media being a large-scale IT Company, truly believes in the right to privacy of its users. This document will shed light on matters related to the privacy policy of the company, along with common practices that are pursued for the protection of the data and personally identifiable information provided to us.

Here in this policy document, we will discuss in detail that which exact information is collected, the reason for the collection of this information, what measures do we take to ensure the protection of this information, how and where this information is stored, and what exact purposes are served with this information.

Which Information Do We Collect?

Whenever a user or client interacts directly or indirectly with any of our Software, App, Site, or avails any of our services, we may collect some very fundamental information like user name, mailing ID, IP Address, etc. There is also some non-personal data that we collect and which cannot be linked back to you.

Apart from these very fundamentals, some other data like the location through IP address, your log data, usage information, your device information, and furthermore the data collected through cookies is also collected.

How Do We Use Your Information?

At Dzine Media, we only collect all this basic information purely for legitimate purposes and in absolute good faith. We collect, process, record, and store this data to appropriately execute the contract between our users and us. Some other common purposes for the collection of this information are as below

  • With an intent to communicate with regards to your use of our Software, App, Site or availing any of our services. This communication is made for several reasons, i.e., software or app updates, to acquire your feedback, to respond back to this feedback, for your account verification, to provide you with assistance and support in the event of any complications or queries, and for follow up correspondence as well.
  • This information also helps us manage our site and products/services in the best possible manner, making it more user friendly, ascertaining the true identity of our users for security purposes, processing certain transactions incurring out of purchases and paid services, in improving the algorithms and performance of our site, software, app, and services.
  • We use this information to send the users direct email notifications and special offers, if any, to send you the promotional and informational content about any new advancements in our services, apps, or software, although these notifications and emails can be unsubscribed at any time if any of the users aren’t interested in them, to connect with them immediately if the need is, in a case where the immediate interaction with the user of our services is inevitable.
  • To execute and process transactions swiftly
  • This information helps us improve our products and services, giving us more information about consumer preferences and priorities.
Do We Exchange Your Data for Any Commercial or Social Reasons?

NOT AT ALL. As mentioned earlier that Dzine Media is a professional IT Company, and it believes in absolute transparency. We respect the privacy of our clients and never tend to breach it no matter what; instead, we take all tight measures to ensure definite security and protection of the data we attain from our users. We never exchange or sell your personal information to any third parties at all, whatever the case may be.

Plug-ins and Third-Party Apps

While using any of our software, apps, site, or services, some third-party plug-ins and apps may try to interact and request for your information, but this request would be made straight to the user and not to us, nor do we allow any such indirect permission at all.

Therefore, in a case when you come across any such information requests, better analyze them well at your own, and only after a hundred percent satisfaction allow them for access, Dzine Media would never grant this permission to them on your behalf even if we have your information already stored.

When, Why, and With Whom Your Info Might Be Shared?

At the very first instance, we never ever share, publicize, or reveal any of your information with any third party for any personal, financial, or social gains at all. In some remote exceptions when we are contacted by any law enforcing agencies LEAs demanding any such information, being bound with the law of the land, only in this event your info might be shared with a broader intention of security of land, or, we may also reveal this information when the user initiates any legal proceedings against us in any court of law or in any arbitrary body, for the sake of specifications and identity of the party. Other than these reasons mentioned above, we never publicize or reveal your personal information.

Do We Get Information from Minor Users Too?

Dzine Media strictly abides by the laws of the land and never knowingly gets any personal information from children under the age of 13. In a case where we later realize through any means that some certain user is below this age bar and his/her information has unknowingly been obtained, we instantly sort the info out and erase it even without the request of the user.

Mobile Apps Privacy Policy

Which Info is Obtained by the App?

As a large-scale professional to the core and reputed organization, Dzine Media strongly believes in your right to privacy and ensures implementing all staunch measures that guarantee the protection of your information. So basically, the certain app gets the information that is provided by the user itself when he downloads and installs the app. The registration somehow isn’t necessary in all cases but a few features may not work unless you don’t register with us. During this registration process, the app may usually collect the user name, mailing address, password, and a few more such information which is not at all sensitive in nature.

Do We Collect any Financial Details?

This simple and straight answer to this question is NO. We never demand, acquire, retrieve, or store any of your financial information. All the financial transactions between users and us always occur through credible third-party platforms like banking channels, PayPal and others. Dzine Media has nothing to do with any of your financial details like Debit or Credit card numbers etc.

Information That App Collects Automatically

The information that may automatically be collected may include but is not limited to the type of device being used, device ID, IP address, mobile operating system, browser info, etc., somehow; the app doesn’t collect the precise location of the user.

Can a User Opt Out at Any Time?

Yes. A user can opt-out at any time of his choosing, whenever he decides and makes the mind to not allow us any further tracking of the location and retention of the data or information. The user can do this instantly by simply uninstalling the app from a mobile phone using the most common standard uninstallation processes, or he may also request the same by sending us an email which will be acted upon instantly without any questions being asked at all.

App-Specific Data Retention Policy

We may retain some of the fundamental information with us and might keep it stored along with other data for a reasonable period of time. In a case where a particular user is willing to delete his data and information from our servers permanently, they may directly contact us through email and request the same. Dzine Media will respond to the request in a fairly reasonable time frame.

How Do We Ensure the Protection of Your Data?

At Dzine Media, we are as concerned about your privacy as you are; we always prioritize it and never compromise on the sanctity of the information since our professional ethos and moral obligations restrict us from doing so. We take all measures humanly and technologically possible to take the best possible care of your data and to keep it from the access of any third parties.

We employ the most advanced security firewalls and cyber protocols that may cost us a lot more, but we still never tend to compromise even a bit of your information with us. Moreover, even from the team of Dzine media, not all members may have direct access to this information, and even those who do, also cannot reach it explicitly since the information is stored in an encrypted and camouflaged manner. We primarily use this information in improving numbers and algorithms; for us, this data is nothing more than mere numbers and digits. Dzine Media is committed to ensuring the absolute safety of the user information at all costs.